About me

A web designer and a Researcher

I am a web designer. As a result of severe human right, civil rights and crimes against me in a western country I started to fight with the stalkers and their crimes. Unfortunately the criminals as shown on this site and the research paper are very powerfull than I was thinking.

The crimes against me are so unbelievable that nobody would ever even imagine that they could happen. However it is true and it is hapenning not only to me but maybe worse than what I am expereincing today to a lot of other innocent people around the world.

For more information about what I am experiencing please download my research paper and read the preface section.

As part of my fight against professional criminals I conducted a research to get help. During my research I found horible links to the conspiracies of End of the World, 9/11 attacks and new world order, which then I decided to bring it on a paper to inform citizens of the world. Yes today crimes are hapenning right in front of our eyes against all of us even you the reader of this page, without our knowledge.

It is up to you who you want to be in the future. However please note that Nobody is safe under New World Order and time is running out. You must take action NOW. For more information in what you can do please read my research paper.

Please also note that there are Five things in my article that are being seen as threat for those behind all the crimes against all of us.

As I fix the links and update them in my article, I become subject to street shows threatening me.