This site is dedicated to all the innocent kids and teenaged girls and boys in the US, Canada, Bosnia and other parts of the world who are and have been subject to sexual abuse by mentally ill criminals around the world.

This site is also dedicated to all the innocent people who lost their lives at the September 2001 attacks on the US soil, Japan's earthquake of nuclear powerplant in 2011, Azerbaijan - Iran earthquake in 2012 and other innocent civilians around the world who have lost their lives as the results of conspiracies.

Special thanks to all the great and dedicated people in the authorities who are loyal to this country and who are fighting for innocent civilians. Special thanks to all the journalists, researchers, authors, directors and other individuals and companies who have made their researches available to everybody and their works have been used in the research paper on this site.

This site will continue updating the research paper in order to Save our planet earth and to save lives of millions of innocent civilians around the world by exposing the plans and crimes of some mentally ill criminals who have penetrated inside authoritative agencies and political systmes around the world.

We Will Stop The Madness. Yes We Can!

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Free New World Order Research Paper

This research paper is a pdf file which explores the conspiracy of End of the World, conspiracy of september 11 attacks, as well as conspiracy to mass murder innocent civilians around the world as part of new world order and project blue beam. In depth overview of Nasa's project blue beam is included.

Testimonies of former chief of L.A FBI Ted Gunderson

I had a number of cases that I handled privately and in each instance I noticed that evidence was lost, destroyed, stolen. I noticed that there is strong indication of corruption [inside FBI]. So I asked myself, what is going on here? over number of the years I started gathering material, up until about two years ago I kept saying there is a loosenet network operating in this country [USA] invloving drugs, pedophilia, pornography, prostitution, corruption,etc. etc. Two years ago from my research I am concerened it is much more serious than the loosenet network. It is a conspiracy... I guaranty you right here today that we do have a conspiracy and I am going to prove it to you the way this conspiracy involves pornography, drugs, corruption, invloves pedophilia, invloves organized child kidnapping rings, The Finders out of the Washington D.C., CIA cover, Covert operation, involves International trafficking of children, terrorism, Bank accounts ... There is talk about the world's population being decreased [by Illuminati] to 500 million and the United States' population being decreased to 20 million. For more information see the section "4.3.3. CIA & FBI Corruption, Former L.A. FBI Chief Ted Gunderson" in the research paper"

Ted Gunderson also warns us about the death dumps or Chemtrails

The death dumps otherwise known as Chemical trails are being dropped and sprayed through out the United States, England, Scotland, Ireland, Northern Europe, and I have personaly seen them not only in the United States but in Mexico and Canada. Birds are dying around the world. Fishes are dying by hundreds of thousands around the world. This is Genocide.This is poison. This is murder by the United Nations. For more information see the section "Former L.A. FBI Chief Ted Gunderson Says Chemtrail Death Dumps Must Be Stopped" in the research paper"

Katheryn Blokovac

Former brave US police Investigator

Kathryn Bolkovac is an American former Brave police investigator who worked as a U.N. International Police Force monitor in post-war Bosina at a U.K. company called Democra Security.

If you have a teenaged daughter, I strongly encourage you to read her book which is providing real names of those mentally ill criminals who have penetrated inside authoritative agencies and were involved in the Sex trafficking in post-war Bosnia. These pedophiles did NOT face criminal charges for the crimes they committed because of immunity laws and are now living side by side by you freely. They are inside authoritative agencies and they might be living next door to your house. You might be putting your daughter in danger because of your trust in their uniform. Read the book so you have the names of these pedophiles.

As suggested at the following wiki page: The Whistleblower

Kathryn is able to uncover a wide-scale sexual slavery and human-trafficking ring that various international personnel, including that of the U.S., have participated in. Furthermore, when she brings the scandal to the attention of the U.N., she discovers that they have covered it up. Kathryn is soon fired from her job due to her knowing too much about the scandal and her reluctance to stop the investigation.

Watch the trailer for The Whistleblower movie which was released in 2011 and now is on DVD. The movie is about Kathryn's fight with the corruption of some mentally ill psychopaths who have penetrated inside authoritative agencies.

Visit her web site:

Ben Soave

Former RCMP chief superintendent

Former RCMP chief superintendent Ben Soave headed up the RCMP's anti-Mafia efforts in Ontario until 2004. In an interview with the CBC he stated that: "The Ontario economy is probably more infiltrated by the mob than Quebec's, and that there's just as much, if not more, corruption of politicians. They're probably more active than in Quebec....from political figures to law enforcement to people in the criminal justice system, to the manufacturing industries, they've done that."